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For fine arts and crafts from Thailand and South East Asia....


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At farangshop.co.uk you will find an exquisite range of antiques and fine art from South East Asia.

Products include Buddhas and sacred images, fine carvings, traditional craftwork, paintings, sculpted wall panels, contemporary art and design, lighting, furniture, textiles, candles and incense holders, homewares and much much more.


For South East Asian antiques, fine art and rare Asian art books and manuscripts....


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At lannaantique.com you will find a huge variety of arts and crafts from Thailand and South East Asia.

Products include genuine antique Buddhas and sacred images, and wonderful art from Thailand, Burma, Laos, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet and Nepal.

These include products made from bronze, stone, wood, ceramics and lacquerware and we have many rare and unusual antiques.

We also stock rare Asian art books and manuscripts, and in particular, specialise in rare books on Chinese art.


For Thai cushions now avaible direct from the UK....




At thaicushion.co.uk you will find he UK's largest range of Thai cushions.

These wonderful Thai traingle cushions can be rolled out like a daybed, or folded into an ingenious single seat.

Available in a wide variety of different styles and fabric designs.

Please check out our website for full details and see for yourself.

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